Train the trainer

A teacher or lecturer is not necessarily a good corporate trainer. A trainer requires facilitation skills and learners centered approaches that teachers or lecturers may not have.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to run presentations, exercises, discussions and work groups where knowledge is shared by and extracted from the participants themselves, so that you can transition from a teacher to a professional trainer.

  • List the roles and responsibilities of a professional trainer.
  • Understand the learning styles of adults and select appropriate strategies for each style.
  • Use NLP techniques to engage learners.
  • Able to develop effective instructional materials.
  • Further develop public speaking skills, listening skills , questioning skills and facilitation skills.
  • Know how to prepare a proper training session
  • Use appropriate training methods to deliver effective training sessions
  1. Becoming a professional trainer
    • Roles and responsibilities of a professional trainer
    • Public speaking skills
    • Listening skills
    • Questioning skills
    • Facilitation skills
    • Overcoming fear and nervousness
  2. Preparing a training session
    • Setting training objectives
    • Organizing training materials
    • Developing a lesson plan
    • Preparing training aids / presentation slides
    • Setting up the room
  3. Training methods to use
    • Warm up activities and ice-breakers
    • Presentation / Lectures
    • Critical incidents / Case studies /
    •   Discussions / Role plays / Games and   hands-on activities / Videos and   films / Closure activities
  4. Managing the training session
    • NLP principles
    • Engaging your trainees
    • Time considerations
    • Handling difficult trainees

Post Training Quiz and Completion of Action Plan.


2 or 3 full days

Course Fee

Vietnamese: $1600 to $2500  per group
English: $2000 to $3600 per group


From our experiences in working with SPECTRA in developing our human resources capabilities, we have been satisfied with the trainers’ professionalism and skills, the quality of the training materials and administrative support that SPECTRA provides.

Pham Tri Tuyet

HR Supervisor Canon Vietnam

We are very pleased with the quality of the training. The content of the training program was well-developed and highly relevant to our managers. The entire program was effectively delivered through engaging, fun and meaningful training methods that enhanced participants’ skills and knowledge.

Santi Sanguansat

Vice President - Aquaculture Business, CP Group

Throughout the years of experience in cooperating with SPECTRA, in developing our people, SPECTRA has proven to be a reliable training partner. Trainers of SPECTRA are knowledgeable and experienced. Furthermore, we have also been satisfied with the quality of training need analysis, customized training materials, administrative support and post-training evaluations that they have provided us with

Keichi Murakami

Executive General Manager - Isuzu Vietnam

The training class was fun and meaningful and has enriched all the participants with more knowledge

Richard KH Chua

Chief Executive Officer - Ben Thanh Management Services Co Ltd