gross culture understanding

As a result globalization, the workplace has now become multi-cultural. Your co-workers, customers or suppliers may be from a foreign culture. Cultural difference can often create misunderstanding, communication barrier or even conflict.

This course will give you an understanding of the cultural dimensions and the business etiquette of different cultures so that you become more confident when  working with foreigners.

  • Overcome the barriers in communication due to culture.
  • Understand cultural dimensions and how they affect the business etiquette of a culture.
  • Understand how cultures affect communication styles.
  • Able to communicate more effectively with people from Western Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and China.
  1. Introduction
    • The components of a culture
    • The possible problems of cultural differences
    • Importance of cross-cultural understanding
  2. Cultural dimensions
    • Individualists vs collectivists
    • Power distance
    • Uncertainty avoidance
    • Long term orientation vs short term orientation
    • Monochronic vs polychronic time orientation
  3. Communication styles
    • High context vs low context
    • Differences in body language
  4. Business etiquette of different cultures
    • East Asians
    • North Americans
    • Europeans
    • Indians
  5. Communication barrier
    • Overcoming barriers to communication with foreigners

Post Training Quiz and Completion of Action Plan.

1 full day (7 hours)
2 full days (14 hours)
Course Fee

1 day: $700 to $900  per group
2 days:$1200 to $1600 per group

1 day: $1000 to $1200  per group
2 days:$1800 to $2400 per group


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