Why Choose SPECTRA?

SPECTRA Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd is a professional education, consultancy and training company based in Singapore. By choosing SPECTRA as your partner, you will have access to business consultants and training experts from Vietnam and abroad.

We have the right people. All of our consultancies and training programs are delivered by highly qualified and experienced consultants and trainers from Singapore, United States, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and so on. Furthermore, most of our consultants and trainers were educated and have worked in developed countries, such as Singapore, United States and Australia.

At SPECTRA, we have the experience to assist your company to succeed in today’s dynamic business world. We have proven track records in providing business consultancies and customized training for leading companies such as Isuzu, Suzuki, Metro, VSIP, Philips, Johnson Controls, Prudential, Saigon Tourist, Bosch, Nike, and many more.

As a socially responsible company, we dedicate 5% of our profits to community projects in countries where we operate.

The Best Companies Choose SPECTRA!

Directors, managers and executives of the following companies have attended and benefited from our training programs:



Throughout our years of experience in cooperating with SPECTRA in developing our people, SPECTRA has proven to be reliable training partner. Trainers of SPECTRA are knowledgeable and experienced. They also have lively personalities. Futhermore, we have also ben satistfied with the quality of training need analysis, customized training mmaterials, administrative supports and post-training evaluations that SPECTRA has provided us with.

KEICHI MURAKAMI / Executive General Manager – Sales and Service ISUZU VIETNAM

The training class was fun and meaningful and has enriched all the participants with more knowledge.!

RICHARD KH CHUA / Chief Executive Officer – Ben Thanh Management service Co Ltd

From our experiences in working with SPECTRA in developing our human resource capabilities, we have been satisfied with trainers’ professionalism and skills, quality of training materials and adminstrative supports that SPECTRA provides.

PHAM THI TUYET / HR Supervisor – Training Group Human Resource Div. Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd

We are very pleased with the quality of the training. The content of the training program was well-developed and highly relevant for our manages. Futhermore, the trainer was very profressional and knowledgeable. The entiry program was effectively delivered through engaging, fun and meaningful training methods that enhanced parrticipant’ skill and knowledge.

Santi Sanguansat / Vice President – Planning & Development Aquaculture Business, CP Group